Sasha is the Min Pin that Thought She Could Fly — Read Her Rescue Story!


A Facebook friend contacted me about a miniature pinscher she saw listed as “free to a good home” on Craig’s List in my area and asked me to call to warn the owner about the dangers of doing this. He was aware and had been demanding home-checks of potential adopters, but so far was not having any luck. I left him my number. Three weeks later he called asking if I was willing to foster her for a rescue group and I agreed. After a home-check by the owner, he brought Sasha, a chocolate and cream “min pin” to us. He shared that she had an old back injury from jumping off a five-foot-high deck (min pins think they can fly), and that it would flair up every winter.

I sent pictures of Sasha to the rescue group and was informed they already had a potential adopter lined up! I was very pleased since my husband had insisted that she would only temporarily kept be here, because he felt that two dogs were plenty.

The next night, I told my husband it looked like the adoption was going to be approved, and suddenly his face turned down in a pout. That’s when Sasha became ours — permanently. She is eleven now; she needs stairs to get on the couch, an occasional pain pill during rainy weather, and most of her walks are done in a stroller, but she is still just as feisty as the day she arrived. Her name means “defender of man,” and she lives up to it by being fiercely vigilant at the door, despite her tiny size.

Manchester, MO
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