This Talented Cat Dad Plays Piano For 19 Feline Friends

Knowing how to play the piano is one thing. Knowing how to keep cats entertained is another.

Somehow, Sarper Duman manages to pull them both off with some talent.

Duman owns 19 cats. That’s about 18 more than most people might be able to handle. Soon after the talented musician sits at his keyboard, the cats come out.

According to Mashable, they prance over the keys and try to compose their own tunes. With his soothing piano music, Duman keeps them purring with delight.

Duman and his cats live in Istanbul, but they’re now known worldwide thanks to their viral videos.

Is not just the music that make these meow-mashups special, mmany of Duman’s feline friends were picked up as strays, cared for and nursed back to health. They’re eventually adopted out into new homes.

And all thanks to Duman’s compassionate soul.

Watch and listen to Duman and his cats play their soulful music in the video below!

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