This Human Learned A Valuable Lesson That Day!

Imagine how you would feel and what you would do if you were boarding a train and your beloved pooch slipped beneath… OH EM GEE! I would probably (no, not probably…DEFINITELY) cry! This happened to an adorable little dog named Sammy, poor pup!

This is why it’s pretty smart to carry some dogs on, to ensure they board safely. I think Sammy’s human learned this for sure, on that day.

What makes me love most of humanity is that all the people around them sprang into action and helped Sammy up. They didn’t hesitate one bit! The truth of the matter is: Humans love dogs. Most of us would pretty much stop at nothing to help a dog in distress, right?

Sammy was a bit shaken, but other than that he is just fine. Next time you use and board public transportation, please carry your small dogs on board! It’s simply not worth the risk! This goes for human tots as well!

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