Giant Crocodile Swims Like A Dolphin As It Races A Boat

We all know that Australia is a vast landscape full of natural beauty. But it also has a lot of dangerous animals – saltwater crocodiles being amongst the list of scary predators that dot the Australian wild. These crocs are quite a common sight around the tropical areas of North Queensland, where they can grow up to 22 feet in length!

Needless to say, these large reptiles are something to be feared. These massive beasts date back centuries and have actually outlived the dinosaurs by something like 65 million years.

One fisherman, Robert Dunn, ended up finding himself caught up in a race with one giant croc. And the footage is quite astonishing.

Check it out below:

Dunn first noticed the giant crocodile swimming alongside his small boat at a pretty fast pace. Dunn was on his way to check on some crab pots that he had laid out. The sight of a giant croc keeping up right alongside him was certainly something that he just had to catch on video.

Dunn shared with the Cairns Post that the crocodile was certainly gunning it for deeper waters. Dunn even managed to capture the incredible moment where the croc went airborne from the water! The amazing occurrence happened in the Bloomfield River, just north of Queensland’s Cape Tribulation.

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The saltwater crocodile, who also happens to be the world’s largest reptile, is known to be able to swim at speeds as fast as 18 miles per hour, so it is not surprising that this particular croc was able to keep up with Dunn’s tinny. Dunn shared that he first spotted this giant croc in the shallow waters where he stayed for quite a while. But then, the beast emerged from the shallows and began to swim beside the tinny, prompting Dunn to reach for his phone.

Dunn said, “He cruised right next to me. It was interesting.”

Scary is more the word I’d use for an encounter like that, but at least Dunn managed to capture some wonderful footage. What do you think of the crocodile race with Dunn’s tinny? What would you do in his position? Let us know!

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