Another Dog Food Is Found To Contain Salmonella! Keep Your Pets Safe!

It seems like there is another recall every other day, and now Nature’s Variety dog food is adding to the list with concerns over Salmonella contamination.

Nature’s Variety’s recall on its Instinct Raw Chicken Formula is voluntary, and so far there have been no reported illnesses, which shows that the issue was caught early, a small comfort. Food with a “Best By” date of 04/27/16 should be thrown away.


Salmonella can be contracted by humans when handling contaminated food, so it isn’t just your dogs at risk! Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you’ve handled food. Both humans and dogs show similar signs of Salmonella, including diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. If you notice any of these signs in you or your dog, make sure to see a doctor.

The recent rash of recalls on dog food and treats is frightening, and pet parents need to keep up with them. Here is a list of the recent recalls:

Bravo Pet Foods, issued a recall on cat and dog food over Salmonella infections.

Natural Dog Company has recalled dog treats and dog food over discovering Listeria contamination.

Carnivore Meat Company also had a recall on treats over Listeria outbreaks.

Stella & Chewy’s also issued a recall on dog treats because of Listeria.

Make sure to check your dog and cat food as well as their treats to make sure none of them are effected by the recent recalls. Stay safe!

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