Otter Befriends An Orange Tabby Cat And They’re Now Inseparable BFFs

There is nothing more adorable than an otter, except for maybe an otter and his best friend.

There are all kinds of unusual animal pairings in this world, and each one is just as precious as the last.

Through the years we’ve seen many cute animal friendships that just melt our hearts. But I have to say, by far one of the cutest friendships that I’ve seen is between an otter and his feline best friend. Check them out:

Aren’t they absolutely adorable?

The little otter and cat duo have made quite an impression on the internet, and they’ve even become minor celebs online with their Instagram page as well as their YouTube channel.

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The little river otter’s name is Sakura, and her best friend in the whole world is an orange tabby named Mochi.

Photo: flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

The two spend their days together, just hanging out and having fun. But what has really captured the hearts of their more than 62K followers, is their cuddles.

The two will often spend their time together engaging in very sweet cuddle time, precious moments that their owner, Mako, will often capture on camera.

Look at these two cuties below:

Aren’t they just the cutest pair? It is no wonder that they have many admirers online. But while you might find their photos together quite precious, it’s the videos that will really pull at your heartstrings, particularly the one that features a playful Sakura enjoying an afternoon nap with her bestie.

Saruka, who is the big spoon in the video, shows how much she absolutely loves Mochi. He doesn’t seem as impressed, showing off the sleepiness in his eyes before putting his head back down and going back to sleep.

Watch the adorable video down below:

What do you think of this adorable little friendship? Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!

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