She Was Too Afraid To Trust, But These Humans Refused To Give Up On Saffron’s Rescue

So afraid for so many reasons, Saffron learns that at the core of life is something sacred!

At Living Free Animal Sanctuary, they believe in all sorts of miracles and for good reason. It takes time to trust. It takes people who understand not to rush what’s important… that a steady, calm hand will have a greater chance of winning a frightened dog over.

With Saffron, a dog left at a high kill shelter, time was critical. She needed a rescue from people who did not judge her. Luckily, Living Free gave her that chance.


She had a puppy too! A gorgeous girl named Panda. Panda doesn’t know much about fear. She knows how to have fun. She knows how to receive people and what they have to offer, and not be scared. But her mother is a whole other story. She’s afraid and because of her fear, she is missing out on the things that makes life worth living: feeling love and having fun.


You will be amazed at Saffron’s transformation. Changes that came to be because good people believed in her. They knew she was also worth the effort. ALL dogs deserve love. ALL dogs deserve life. Saffron’s story will truly touch your heart.

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