Dog Rescued From Meat Farm in South Korea Makes the Long Journey to Safety

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Onzo laid down at the edge of the back of the Humane Society International truck. His large, sad eyes surveyed the smiling, adoring faces around him.


It was clear that, despite his over-120-pound frame, Onzo was terrified. He had just spent the vast majority of his life inside a small cage with dozens of other dogs on a meat farm in South Korea. Up until Humane Society International rescued him, Onzo had likely never met a nice person.

And even after the global rescue organization rescued him and surrounded him with kind, caring people, Onzo still found himself being transported constantly, including on a plane to the United States, and eventually here – in the back of this truck atop a hill at Animal Care Sanctuary in the rural Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Onzo resisted getting off that truck for over 20 minutes. But he never whined, growled or even showed any remote sign of aggression in his resistance. He was simply scared – possibly thinking that this was the final stage of the fate that met so many of his fellow canines in South Korea.

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But this time was different. He did get off that truck and found himself in a kennel with much more room than the cage where he spent much of his life in South Korea. He was well fed with delicious food and taken for walks every day.

He was just getting used to his new surroundings – and finally beginning to learn to trust people – when a kind family of four came to see him. They fell in love with this big, silly fellow, and the rest is history.


Onzo was one of thousands of dogs that found his forever home on Clear the Shelters Day, but he had one of the longest journeys of them all. His big, sad eyes when he first arrived to Animal Care Sanctuary will be engrained in our memories forever, and we’re so happy for him and the family who opened their hearts to him.

Story submitted by Johnny Williams.

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