Watch What Happens When A Helmet Cam Captures The Rescue Of A Dog Stuck Inside A House Fire. AMAZING!

This story definitely inspires a giant shout out to the Sacramento Fire Department for their incredible courage and dedication. A house fire broke out, and thanks to a smoke alarm all the human occupants ran from the premises. They waited safely outside — but were missing their best friend! OH NO! Where did he go??? Watch what happens ON ACTUAL HELMET CAM FOOTAGE when firefighters rescue this very important pup! Don't you just love heroes?

Truck 6 operations, House Fire, 2-10-16

DOG RESCUE: Helmet Cam footage from an early morning house fire today shows two perspectives on Truck Company operations. Upon arrival at a working house fire, the four-person truck company splits in half. The Saw firefighter and the Apparatus Operator ladder the building and go to the roof to provide vertical ventilation, cutting a hole in the roof to allow smoke and hot gasses to escape. The Tools firefighter and the Captain go inside the home to search for victims and help locate the seat of the fire. In this video, footage from helmet cameras from both the Saw and Tools firefighters from Truck 6 are interspersed to show these operations, culminating with the rescue of a dog from her hiding place in a back bedroom. The occupants of the home all got out safely, due to a working smoke detector, and the dog was reunited with her happy owner on the sidewalk outside.

Posted by Sacramento Fire Department on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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