Over-Excited Dog Fails His Service Dog Training Test And It’s Hilarious

Ryker is a Belgian Malinois who put all of his energy into having fun during his dog training test. A video of Ryker’s antics during his training to become a certified service dog with Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, has gone viral. While he didn’t pass, he sure did have a good time!

Service dogs are highly trained animals who help people with a variety of needs, whether it’s physical, sensory, intellectual, or emotional. The assistance they’re able to provide is truly incredible.

But training is not easy! Especially if a puppy is more interested in playing than studying. Not every dog has the chops to become a service dog, and that’s okay.

Photo: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

The thing is, Ryker is one of those pups who really likes to play. So when tennis balls, rope toys, water bottles, and treats are used to lure him to do a task like open a door or guide a person in a wheelchair, he gets really excited about the reward — and sort of forgets he’s supposed to be helping a human.

In a video compilation of his training test, Ryker drags a wheelchair by the wheel, toppling it over onto the floor. Then he proceeds to drag it around… like you do.

Photo: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

In the next segment, Ryker starts off lying down meekly next to his trainer who’s using a walker. The walker has tennis balls jammed onto the front legs, which is a fairly common thing. Ryker obviously assumes the tennis balls are for him, and begins happily attacking them as soon as his trainer starts walking forward.

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Photo: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

Then Ryker is supposed to be assisting a man in a wheelchair. He’s attached to a leash that the man is holding, and once a woman in the shot throws a ball, Ryker sprints after it — yanking the man out of his chair!

Photo: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

Ryker goes through plenty of other tests in this video, and in each one, his enthusiasm is adorable and usually ends in disaster. You can even see the other dogs staring at him in disbelief from the sidelines! The video is set to Frank Sinatra’s classic song, “My Way” and the caption on it reads in part: “Every dog has a purpose 🙂. Clearly Ryker’s purpose is not to be a service dog. Check out this video documenting his good hearted attempt.”

Photo: Facebook/Double H Canine Training Academy

Ryker is a hoot and well-loved by his family, so don’t worry about his failure to become a service dog! Ryker belongs to humans Jess and Zach (who’s one of Double H’s trainers) and has a fur brother named Ruger. He’s perfect at being a member of his family and giving people something to smile about.

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