After Years Of Building Trust, A ‘Trash Dog’ Finds Her Forever Home

For years, an empty lot in Nashville offered nothing to the people who passed by it every day. The run-down spot was considered nothing but an eyesore.

But to Molly, it was the closest thing she had to a home. The tan dog was a fixture in the area, and locals often saw her fending for herself — eating a squirrel or other small creature for food, sleeping in the abandoned lot.

“How could someone just like, not want this dog?” wondered animal activist Ryan Graney, later writing on Instagram that she was shocked someone could “Just walk away from her and leave her on an empty lot? How many people drove by her without helping? For years.”

Photo: Pixabay/Petra Göschel

So, in early 2015, Graney decided to do something. At first, that meant slowly gaining Molly’s trust. A developer had started construction on the empty lot, and Molly was in danger of disappearing from the area without someone to anchor her.

Molly was thankful for the food but reluctant to interact with Graney. However, as time passed, she grew to trust her. Then, one day she showed up outside Graney’s nearby home.

“I am so thankful that she gave in when she did,” Graney wrote. “I do not know where she would be or if she would be alive with all the construction,” she added.

Safe in Graney’s yard, Molly slowly transitioned from her life as an outside dog. “There was a time when this was as far as she would come in the house. I keep moving her food and water farther and farther from the door to push her boundaries. Then she’d call my bluff and stop trying to get her food and water and then I had to give up and move them back. She’s a smart one for sure,” Graney captioned the below Instagram post:

At that point, Graney noted, Molly was “living in my front yard in a crate I slapped together,” hesitant to come indoors but knowing that the home was a place of safety, care, and tasty food.

Then, one day in 2016 more than a year after first making contact, Graney brought Molly inside. The transition went smoothly, with Molly receiving a warm welcome from the senior pups that called Graney’s Nashville house home.

Now, Molly has found her forever home and is a fierce advocate.

Currently recovering from radiation treatment for nasal cancer, Molly has a long, happy life still ahead of her.

Keep up with Molly and her senior pup friends on Ryan Graney’s Instagram!

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