Stray Dog Roaming The Streets Of Detroit With Little Hope For Survival

It is National Feed A Rescue Pet Week. Last year we beat our goal of feeding 3 million rescue pets. This year our goal is to provide 5 million meals to rescue pets, but we need your help!

A small stray dog was abandoned on the streets to fend for himself. It was taking its toll on the little dog and his matted fur was weighing him down. He was about to give up hope, when a rescue team spotted him and changed his life.

NBS Animal Rescue found Russell wandering the streets alone. He was brought back to the shelter to be groomed and examined. Once all the matted fur was removed, his skin was covered in sores from neglect. The team started Russell on a grain-free diet to help calm his skin.


Thanks to a generous donation from’s Rescue Bank program, the rescue was able to properly care for Russell. “This type of food is very expensive to buy,” NBSAR stated. “And because Rescue Bank provided it, we can put that money toward other medical needs.”

After a few short weeks on the new diet, his skin improved and he was ready to find a loving home. It didn’t take long for a family to see what an amazing dog Russell was. He lives with his three human siblings and a fur sibling. His days are now filled with love, attention, and regular grooming.

Photo: NBS Animal Rescue
Photo: NBS Animal Rescue

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