Runaway Cat Returns Home After 8-year Absence

Jesse jumped out of his cat box just outside the vet's office in 2006. Owner Lesley Corbett and her family gave up on ever seeing him again after their missing-cat poster failed to turn up leads. Eight years later, Jesse appeared out of the blue.

The ginger and white tomcat was scheduled to get injections at the vet's office. Though he was only 18 months old then, he was able to bust out of his box and disappear. 

"We always hoped he was being looked after somewhere and, at some point, he might find his way back home," Corbett told BBC. 

The vet granted the Corbett's wish in early March when they called the family. The doctor told them they had Jesse. At first, Corbett thought the vet must be talking about Jesse's brother George, a cat they had at home. But when they found out the mysterious cat was in fact Jesse, they were ecstatic. 

"We have absolutely no idea where he's been," she told the source. "All we know is he's happy and healthy."

Jesse turned up in front of the doctor's office, where he first escaped. The family says they wish they could understand his meows in order to learn what he's been up to.

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