Woman Saves Dog Who’d Been Lying Outside For Days, Unable To Move

Tatiana Mikhailovna was walking near her home when she spotted a dog in a dumping area who appeared to be injured.

Tatiana approached the dog and realized she had been lying there for days, unable to move.

It seemed someone had left food for her, but no one had stopped long enough to offer the poor pup the help that she needed – that is, until Tatiana showed up.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

The dog, who Tatiana named Rumba, wagged her tail when approached, but was clearly in pain. She yelped out when touched and refused to get up.

Realizing there were probably underlying health issues or injuries at play, Tatiana quickly got Rumba into a veterinarian to be X-rayed.

Unfortunately, the X-ray results were not good. Rumba was riddled with issues, including lung contusion, which can cause fluid build-up in the lungs, a coccyx fracture, pelvic fracture and displacement, a torn urethral segment with bruising inside (which can be caused by pelvic fractures), and broken ribs.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

No one is sure what happened to Rumba in her life before being rescued, but it’s clear she wasn’t being properly cared for.

There was some good news from the medical assessment, however, and that was that Rumba still had sensitivity in her legs which meant there was hope she could walk again!

Before being able to walk, Rumba had to recover some strength. Tatiana worked with her and was able to get her healthy enough to undergo the stressful surgery – and it was a success!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Rumba’s road to recovery didn’t end there, since she had to undergo rehabilitation to gain her strength and movement back.

Eventually, she was able to walk again and made a complete recovery. How incredible!

Watch the video below to see more of Rumba’s rescue story:

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