A No-Kill Rescue Gets A Makeover To Enhance The Lives Of Rescued Animals

Animal rescues spend their days being superheroes saving and caring for abandoned pets. They are so busy that they do not have time, or the finances to make improvements to their shelters. That is where Rescue Rebuild comes in to help transform shelters into relaxing spaces for the rescued animals.

In June, Rescue Rebuild arrived at Ruff Start Rescue in Princeton, Minnesota to transform their rescue. Ruff Start is a foster-based No-Kill rescue, meaning that many of their animals live off-site, but the rescue’s facilities are an important part of how Ruff Start is able to have hundreds of fosters at one time. With over 600 volunteers, the rescue is able to find a loving foster to take in the animal after it has been evaluated, and until a forever home is found.


Rescue Rebuild is community-driven volunteer program of GreaterGood.org that works to rebuild, repair, and renovate animal shelters and rescues in need. Along with volunteers across the country, Rescue Rebuild is operated by a bunch of hammer-swinging, animal lovers! The team works with local volunteers to transform a shelter to enhance the lives of the rescued animals.


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The animals that are taken in spend time in the rescue’s cat rooms or dog area until they are evaluated medically. Rescue Rebuild started the transformation in these rooms, by transforming them into fun colorful spaces where the cats had cubbies, rope bridges and countless perches to play on. To complete the rooms, color coordinated liter boxes were installed, as well as a bench for volunteers to socialize with the cats.


Unlike dogs, cats cannot run free outside without running away. The team constructed two new “Catios” (outdoor cat enclosures) so the cats could get some fresh air. The fresh air means less respiratory issues and happier, healthier cats! After the catios, they focused on others projects outside such as a play yard for dogs, privacy fencing, grading to keep water from coming in the building and a shed. Inside the team made improvements to the lobby including new desks, a refreshed check-in area, and a new bulletin board. They even installed insulation and made improvements to their HVAC system.


Ruff Start’s transformation will enhance the lives of thousands of animals. Thanks to volunteers and generous people like you, Rescue Rebuild is able to help countless shelters around the country. If you want to help you can sign up on the website to be notified when a build is happening in your area. You can also donate to the cause, or do a corporate team building. Together we can make a difference!

See the amazing transformation in the video below.

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