Two Day Old Kitten Needed A New Mom So A Doberman Stepped Up To The Plate

We sometimes hear about animals that care for young ones that aren’t their own. At times, they may even be part of a different species!

All of them pale in comparison to what Ruby, a Doberman pinscher, did and it is sure to melt your heart.

As a new Doberman pinscher mom, Ruby had plenty of puppies to take care of. It seems as if she had a heart big enough for at least one more.

Photo: Pixabay/auenleben

When her human mom, Brittany Callan, brought home a kitten named Ramblin’ Rose home, Ruby was ready for the job.

The little kitten was only about two or three days old at the time, and Ruby had just had a litter in mid-August.

When the kitten was brought to Ruby, she took to the feline right away and gave her everything she needed.

#dobermanadoptsakitten#ramblingrose1 lb VS. 78 lbs

Posted by Brittany Callan on Sunday, September 19, 2021

#ramblingrose is nursing ALL on her own. Assuming she is 7-8 days old now, her one eye is starting to open. And she had…

Posted by Brittany Callan on Sunday, August 29, 2021

Since that time, Britney has been posting pictures of the litter +1 online and people were absolutely loving it.

Ruby even kept going with Rambelin’ Rose, even though the puppies were older, and would give her some one-on-one time.

You can hear how content the little cat is in this video:

#ramblingrose is purring ♥️ Snuggled in with momma ruby #dobermanadoptsakitten

Posted by Brittany Callan on Thursday, September 2, 2021

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