Rottweiler Carried Four Miles By Rescuers After Getting Injured On A Hike

One of the great pleasures that many of us have in life is having our dog by our side. It doesn’t matter if we are out for a walk in the neighborhood, going for a trip to the local hardware store, or going on a hike, having them near us can really make a difference in our enjoyment of anything we do.

It seems as if this was what Kinga Szpakiewicz had in mind when they took their eight-year-old Rottweiler, Lusha, out for a hike.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office reported that the couple was hiking in California’s Los Padres National Forest, but they were 4 miles away from the nearest trailhead when Lusha stepped on a rock and injured her foot.

Photo: Pixabay

At first, Lusha did her best to continue hiking but it wasn’t long before Szpakiewicz realized that the dog would not be able to make it much further. They decided to camp for the night but the following morning, it became necessary to ask for help.

Photo: Unsplash

Szpakiewicz got in contact with a hiking group nearby who was also carrying communication devices. After contacting a friend, rescuers were called in to help carry the dog, who weighed 80 pounds, back to civilization again.

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The Upper Ojai Search and Rescue Team from the Ventura County Sheriff’s office was sent to help the dog. When they showed up, they had a lightweight stretcher and the determination that they would get Lusha to safety.

Photo: Facebook/Upper Ojai Search and Rescue

Not only were they able to get the dog off of the trail and to a veterinarian, they even said that Lusha enjoyed the ride.

Szpakiewicz went on to say that Lusha “rode out like a princess on a litter” and that she is recovering nicely.

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