Did Someone Say “Rottie Puppies?” OH EM GEE!

Dr. Ross from Animal Planet is about to fall head over heels for a litter of Rottweiler puppies and who can blame him?! This darling group is about to have their first vet visit to get ready for adoption time. Each one is so precious, I could scream! Dr. Ross has a soft spot for the breed since he fell hard for his first dog he got in college. He had her for 13 years!

Rottweilers make great pets. I wonder if Dr. Ross ends up adopting one of them? We will have to watch the show to find out!

Rottie Facts:

Much like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers have a controversial reputation. Some assume they are aggressive at all times. But like many breeds, this is true only through poor training (or purposeful training like any aggressive breed). Rottweilers are fiercely loyal and will protect their humans. But through proper exercise and consistent training, Rottweilers are no more of a threat than any other dog their size. Even so, they are banned in some U.S. cities. Even with a bad rep, Rotties remain a popular breed. According to the AKC, they are the 10th most popular breed in U.S. households.

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