This Rescue Could Be The Most Inspiring Thing I’ve Ever Seen!

Rosie is a Pit Bull mama who has been living on the streets for some time. No one was sure whether she had given birth yet or not, or even if the pups had survived.

Luckily, the caring people at Hope For Paws came to rescue Rosie and to search for her babies. Rosie takes some coaxing. A safe and secure cage is used for everyone’s protection. Once Eldad from Hope For Paws has her in a safe spot, he sees that Rosie is incredibly gentle and sweet. After a burger snack and some affection, Rosie is ready to be taken out of the cage and placed on Eldad’s lucky red leash. She leads him to a spot but there are no puppies in sight. Where are they? Did they survive? Eldad was running out of options so he decided to do a very smart and inventive thing: he plays a video of crying puppies on his iPhone…

What happens next is incredible!

All the dogs were taken to safety where they could be examined by a vet. The dogs were then placed together in a foster home. Their journey didn’t stop there! A family like this had a long way to go. But every step was definitely worth taking!

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Julie Hunt Julie resides in Northern New Jersey with her two kids, two dogs, cat and partner. She has two published books which make excellent trivets if you aren't a fan of poetry. She tolerates people but LOVES animals. If she isn't blogging, she's most likely cuddling with her pups, Paisley and Skyler.