Her Owner ‘Didn’t Believe In Veterinarians’ So She Was Left To Suffer

Animal abusers come in all forms. It’s not just someone who inflicts harm on a pet with their own hands, it’s also someone who refuses to get them treatment when they hurt themselves or get into a fight with another animal.

Roo was badly injured. Her foot was smashed and she couldn’t stand on her own. She was just left to suffer. I truly don’t have words for people who would do this to an animal that they’re supposed to love!


But Roo had a few guardian angels and soon she was in trusting hands. Being held, and hugged, was exactly what she needed!


Now that she’s receiving the medical treatment she needs, the next step is finding her the loving home she deserves! Let’s share her story and get the word out so Roo can have her happy ending! All animals deserve love, proper care, and a safe place to live.

See Roo’s touching story below!

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