Romanian Soccer Players Carry Stray Dogs On Field To Help Them Find Forever Homes

Soccer players in Romania are joining forces with local animal shelters to help stray dogs score loving homes.

It is all part of the campaign “Fill the gap in your life” that was started by the LPF Professional Football League and Ilfov County Council to encourage people to adopt.

The streets of Romania are filled with stray dogs looking for food and someone to love them. Local shelters are full and in desperate need of adopters. They are always looking for ways to attract more adopters and what better way than to appeal to fans of the most popular sport in the country, football (soccer).

Dogs make our lives whole, and to prove it rival soccer players are coming together to display dogs up for adoption.

Before the Rapid-Gaz Metan match began on Sunday, the players of both teams entered the field carrying five-month-old puppies from Buftea public shelter.

“Regardless of the score on the field, empathy will be the big winner,” stated the shelter.

Each dog sported a bandana so people knew they were up for adoption and could find more information on the shelter’s website.

According to a press release by LPF, all of the dogs are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and ready to be taken home.

The crowd was thrilled to see the puppies but refrained from loud cheering and throwing firecrackers, which would have frightened the pups.

So far, 11 dogs have been adopted. The campaign will continue through the soccer season with a goal of finding homes for the remaining 92 dogs at the shelter.

The shelter has dogs of all sizes and ages available, but they all want the same thing – a loving home of their own.

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