His Former ‘Owner’ Kicked Him Like A Football, But He Wagged His Tail Through The Pain

This poor little dog, named Robin, was kicked like a football by his former “owner,” which broke his diaphragm. His inner organs were pushed up towards his heart and lungs, which applied a great amount of pressure and could’ve been fatal.

Robin’s only chance of survival was an emergency surgery where they would reposition his internal organs and repair the diaphragm. They decided to go through with it, and although it was a difficult surgery, it was a successful one! Robin recovered beautifully and now he lives with new humans who love him to pieces, as well as doggy siblings who he loves to run and play with.

Despite what he’s been through, he never lost his will to live. Robin had a very tough past, but now he’ll never have to worry about a cruel human hurting him ever again! Watch his amazing recovery in the video below:

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