People Are Furious After A Road Painter Striped A Dead Possum

As you are driving about, it’s not uncommon to see animals lying along the side of the road. Some people will continue traveling if they hit such an animal with their car, but others will move it from the roadway.

It’s not out of the ordinary for animals to stay along the road for weeks until somebody finally stops by to remove them permanently. This can be a difficulty for those who work on the road, but it probably is a good idea for the animal to be removed so it isn’t hindering the work being done.

It seems as if a road painter in Cape Hill, New Zealand, didn’t get that memo as they were striping some roadways in the area.

Photo: Facebook /Kiki Kiki

Nobody is really sure if the painter didn’t see the possum or if they just didn’t care but the end result was the animal being covered with a stripe of white paint. Somebody from the local area was upset, so they took a picture and shared it on social media.

The pictures were uploaded to a Franklin community Facebook group along with the caption, saying: “Nice new paint job on the road up Cape Hill today- you had one job.”

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There was a lot of division over how to feel about this particular issue after the picture was posted. One person referred to the road worker as being “heartless and brainless.” Another added: “I really don’t understand the thinking behind that crass behaviour.”

Photo: Facebook / Kiki Kiki

There were others who weren’t all that upset, saying that a line needed to be drawn with animal abuse somewhere. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy comments was someone who said: “Screw touching that disease-ridden filth. Paint that thing and carry on.”

The New Zealand Herald said that the issue has been admitted to by Auckland Transport and they will fix the problem.

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