Terrified Homeless Dog Always Ran From Her Rescuers, But A Little Bit Of Love Went A Long Way…

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, was informed about a stray dog that had been seen by the Los Angeles river for several weeks. When people approached the dog to try and save her, she would run under the fence and into the river. She was clearly terrified.

Because of this, Hope For Paws volunteers knew that this rescue would not be an easy one. So they enclosed the whole area using baby gates and soccer nets to keep her from being able to run away.

They searched for a while but couldn’t find her. Then they saw a fast movement out of the corner of their eyes. It was the pup! When she tried to run away, she got tangled in the soccer net. She tried to fight her way out, but couldn’t. Then they quickly placed a leash around her. She was still very scared, but they kept petting her to calm her down and gain her trust. They untangled her from the net and brought her in the car. They decided to name her spirit.

The poor pup was infested with ticks all over her body, so they gave her a bath. She was already looking so much better! As the days went on, Spirit began to break out of her shell more and more. The once terrified and homeless pup is actually very friendly and affectionate! It’s amazing what a little love and care can do!

If you’re interested in adopting Spirit, please visit www.HoepRanchAnimalSanctuary.org.

Watch her rescue in the video below:

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