Man And His Daughter Tear Down Their House To Rescue Tiny Kitten

This video doesn’t just show us what heroes look like, it shows us a man and child who know that EVERY life is precious.

And when a little life was on the line, they never gave up!

A tiny kitten got caught inside a pipe in a man’s home. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t get him out. Precious time was ticking by as she retreated further into the wall.

The kitten’s mother waited, desperate for her baby to return to her, for 48 hours!


With a pick axe, jack hammer and a LOT of faith, the man continued to tear apart his home in hopes to save the tiny kitten calling out for help. Not only does he go BEYOND what many would have, the man also demonstrates how much more the kitten’s life meant than a brick and mortar building. Even though that building was the man’s home.


This story has convinced me that real angels DO walk among us!

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