This ‘Scary’ Monster Has The Cutest Smile!

This little Axolotl, which means “water monster,” has no idea but she has the CUTEST smile! Ripley was injured but because she’s an Axolotl, a type of amphibian in the salamander family, she can regenerate her limbs. Luckily, Ripley was taken in by a loving family and she’s doing great!


Sadly, Axolotl are critically endangered in the wild, with only a few hundred left. But Ripley and many others like her are thriving as pets.


While this color of Axolotl, considered white, is common for pets, wild ones are brown. The white Axolotl comes from a mutant male that was bred back in the 1860’s in Paris.

Their crazy looking “head dress” of feathers are actually gills. Wild Axolotl can only be found in Xochimilco, Mexico. The salamander can eat small fish and worms, and pretty much anything else that will fit into their happy little mouths.


In 1998, there were only about 6000 wild Axolotls left in the wild but today, you’re lucky to find any at all. Biologists worked hard to try to build little shelters for them in the wild to promote numbers but sadly, it hasn’t worked. Luckily, people are happy to have these little guys as pets to keep the specie alive and protected. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look at that little face on a daily basis? I just can’t get enough of that smile!

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