What Is This Italian Beach Doing For Dogs And Their Humans? Talk About Fantastic!

Taking your dog with you to the beach can be a taxing experience, assuming you can even FIND a beach that allows you to have your dog. This can limit your vacation options if you want your furry friends with you. Now there is a solution to the dilemma, provided you are traveling to Italy!

The Rimini Dog – No Problem beach is owned by brothers Marco and Luca Agostini. Located on the Adriatic Sea, Rimini offers a section of its 10 miles of beach specifically for canines and their humans. In fact, this section of beach is off limits to anyone WITHOUT a dog! The beach offers umbrellas for the dogs to relax under, play areas, dog showers, and even a vet and dog sitters on hand!

Rimini doesn’t just offer a dog beach either. Travelers can be directed to the numerous hotels that allow, and even encourage, dogs! While the number of English speaking visitors is currently low, as word gets out, more and more people are flocking to this unusual beach retreat. Hopefully more beaches recognize the success and genius of Rimini Dog – No Problem. Take a look at the beach!

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