Meet Richie, The Main Coon That Looks Like A Yeti

Cats come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. But the one thing they all have in common is that they’re absolutely adorable.

Given their natural charm, it is not surprising that cats are all over the internet. There are tons of adorable or funny videos of cats being cats.

There is also an abundance of feline “petfluencers” on social media as well. One of these happens to be Richie, a black smoke Maine coon who has over 100K followers on Instagram.

Maine Coon cat
Photo: flickr/Robert Sullivan

One scroll through his page definitely shows why he’s got so many fans. He’s absolutely stunning!

His appearance is so unique, that it actually looks like he’s wearing a fur coat over his fur. But that’s not the case. He is all-natural.

Given the rarity of his look, it’s no wonder people have been closely following his life on social media after his owners started posting pictures and videos of him on Instagram. Many of Richie’s admirers have nicknamed him a lemur or a yeti cat.

According to The Dodo, Richie’s owner shared that the social media star was born back in November 2020.

As to how he came to join his current family, his owner shared, “Before Richie, we had two alley cats for 20 years that gave us a lot of love. We took our time before greeting a new one. We found a local french breeder known for Maine coons. We book a cat and we had to choose the color at birth and we chose a black smoke without even knowing Richie would become exceptional. The breeder spotted immediately at birth that Richie would be very hairy. Then we had to wait for four months to welcome Richie into our home, so he could grow quietly, surrounded by his mother and brothers and sisters.”

The beautiful Maine coon fit right in with his family. According to his owner, he loves the company of others and tends to follow his humans around the house – a rare trait for a cat, much less a Maine coon. His owner compared him to a dog, sharing that he loves to sit in the kitchen with them when they’re busy cooking.

His owner joked to The Dodo, “We like to call him the sous-chef because when we are cooking, he sits next to the spices and observes our every move.”

It seems that Richie has it all – both stunning looks and a personality to match. It is no wonder that he has gained so much popularity. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping either. According to his owner, Richie has already been approached by several brands and he’s repping the ones that he’s tested and liked.

This diva also has a pretty elaborate beauty routine as well, since his owner cited that his fur needs to be brushed daily in order to avoid knots and tangles. On top of that, he also gets a weekly care routine for his eyes, nose, claws, and ears. Got to keep up that image!

Check out some of his photos below:

What do you think of Richie’s photos? Do you have a Maine coon cat? Would you ever want one? Let us know!

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