‘Naked Bird’ Just Got A New Lease On Life And A New Wardrobe!

Like so many animals who suffer trauma, Rhea needed a home. It had to be perfect, where she could be happy in spite of what she looks like. And guess what! She found one!

Rhea, sadly, lost all of her feathers when she was just a baby bird. She got a terrible viral infection and they all fell out. Her feathers will never grow back, making her look pretty strange BUT her new mom thinks she’s beautiful!

Her mom adores her. They hang out all the time and Rhea is a big fan of sitting on her mom’s shoulders and little hiding places in her shirts.

Rhea likes to sing and run about and tell the world that it’s okay to be different! People from all over the world send Rhea sweaters, and she really looks like a tiny birdie super model!

This little birdie’s Instagram account is booming with over 200,000 followers! It seems a lot of people like to root for the “under-bird.”

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