Retired Woman Who Didn’t ‘Want One of Those Little Dogs’ Falls in Love with One

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Vivian admits it was a little fib.

A story about how she couldn’t come out of her apartment to see the dogs available for adoption from The Animal Foundation. The dogs happened to be just a short walk away in the community room.

“I didn’t want a dog. Too busy. Nope. Don’t wanna go. Don’t want to be bothered. Leave me alone. No. Not doing it.”

Vivian was lying. She’s 73-years-old and retired.

“I sat here for a few minutes and then I got up and went down there. I looked at all the dogs and was like, mmm-hmmm.”


Vivian had big dogs her entire life. German Shepherds. Dobermans. Pit Bulls.

“I was like no, I don’t want one of those little dogs.”

Until she spotted a teeny tiny dog shaking in his kennel.

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“He was shaking all over. I said, let me see Don Knotts here, The Shakiest Gun in the West.”

Vivian says they brought the tiny dog out of the kennel and put him on her lap.

“He looked up at me with them eyes and I said, ‘I’ll take this one.’”


Vivian and Alex have been inseparable ever since.

“He’s lovable. He wants to be held. I have to scratch his head and hold him. I call him my purse dog. I could put him in my purse and carry him everywhere. He follows me around. He sleeps with me. I didn’t want a dog at first, but now that I got him, I wouldn’t give him up for nothing.”

Story submitted by Kelsey Pizzi.

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