Retired Military Dog Comes Home To Find Big Changes In A Small Package

The life of a military working dog is quite dangerous and difficult. Those talented enough to get through the rigorous training are more than prepared for the challenges they face, though. And when these courageous canines come home, they’re often welcomed with the same celebration as ranked service members.

This particular pup has come back from his service overseas to enjoy the quiet life. That is, until his humans decide to make room for one more. This will be something to keep him entertained at least, we suppose.


Adorable, right? Yeah, we thought so.

While hesitant at first, it looks like this old soldier and his new kitten companion will become fast friends. They’re not sure what to think of one another just yet, but that won’t stop them from having years of beautiful companionship.

Watch their first impressions in the video below! We can’t get enough of this cute duo!

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