Truck Driver Who’d Been Feeding Two Street Dogs Helps Rescuers Catch Them

Our hearts really go out to animals that we see running loose as we are driving on our way from one place to another. Most of us hope that the animal is okay, but for Danny Spanks, hoping was just not enough.

You see, Danny is the owner and operator of A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue, so when a little dog crossed the road in front of him, he stopped his car to lend a hand.

When Danny is out picking up strays in Bakersfield, California, it isn’t unusual for him to find other strays. After all, his mind is focused in that direction so when this little dog ran across the road, Danny knew he needed to help.

Photo: YouTube / A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

At first, the little dog was coming right up to him, but the rescue was not going to be that easy.

Danny had turned his back for only a moment to grab a piece of hotdog and the little dog disappeared into a truck yard. It was private property, so Danny decided he would return every day to see if he could spot the little pooch again. He was persistent, coming back for weeks but it wasn’t until he was out trying to rescue another dog that he realized how close he was to where he last saw the little dog.

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Interestingly, he went to the location but he didn’t see that little dog at first. He saw another little dog, and that dog was friendly as well. Danny was holding out some pieces of hotdog but the little dog turned around and ran away into the same truck yard.

Photo: YouTube / A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

Danny continued to be persistent, and thankfully, a trucker named Greg Flores was there to assist.

Danny took a moment to talk to Greg about the dog and learned he was a stray. Greg agreed that he would help Danny catch the dog, but they were surprised when it wasn’t only the new dog that was there, the first dog showed up as well!

It seems as if Greg had been feeding “Mahlo” and “Scrappy” for awhile. Thanks to their action and the persistence of one dog lover, these dogs got exactly what they deserved, a forever home.

Photo: YouTube / A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

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