Neglected Ducks Rescued From A Bad Hoarding Situation Finally Get To Swim For The First Time Ever!

Two dozen ducks swam for the first time in their lives after they were rescued from a terrible hoarding situations. The hoarder who owned them was keeping more than 160 birds in filthy overcrowded conditions. None of the ducks had even seen water before.

Thankfully, they were rescued and taken in by Woodstock Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, New York. There, the ducks were nursed back to health – mending injured feet, infections and malnutrition.

When the ducks first see the water at the sanctuary, they are very hesitant because they’ve never swam before. Some of the ducks had to be placed into the water, but once they got in, they quickly became more comfortable.

Seeing the ducks splash around in the water is such a heartwarming sight to witness. It’s sad to think that these ducks were living in such a horrible situation, but thankfully they never have to worry about that ever again! Watch their first time swimming in water in the video below:

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