Abandoned Pit Bull Named “Covid” Rescued By Woman Determined To Save His Life

When a Texas woman heard about a pit bull named Covid languishing in a high-kill shelter, she knew she had to help. On top of his unfortunate name, the abandoned shelter pup was also a pit bull. This gave him a slim chance of survival in Texas, where such breeds are frequently euthanized.

“With a name like that and him being a pitty, all the odds were stacked against him,” the dog’s rescuer, Loretta Tebeest, told The New York Post. “Pitties have a hard time here in Texas anyway because there’s so many of them, we have so many pitties and it’s hard to get them adopted.”

Photo: Facebook/Gracie’s Project

But when Tebeest saw Covid’s picture, the Amarillo, Texas woman couldn’t turn away. “They’re hard to move but when I saw his face, I said ‘omg we have to save him,’” said the woman, who runs a non-profit non-rescue called Gracie’s Project.

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According to rescuers, Covid/Carl was surrendered because he had an ear infection, which is a heartbreaking reason to surrender a pet. Sadly, these stories are tragically common in Texas, according to Tebeest, who has found many shelter dogs in similar circumstances.

“The owners here are so irresponsible, it’s just unreal,” Tebeest said. Nor is Carl/Covid the first dog she’s seen named for the coronavirus.

Photo: Facebook/Gracie’s Project

Fortunately, Carl/Covid has been rescued from the high kill shelter and moved to Gracie’s Project, where this sweet boy is currently waiting to be adopted. “He’s just a big ol’ cuddle bug,” Tebeest said. “He’s about 65 pounds of just muscle and love. He loves to lay in your lap and give you kisses and wag his tail. He’s just the sweetest dog.”

Please contact Gracie’s Project if you’d like to give Carl a loving home!

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