Down-On-His-Luck Rescue Cat Goes Viral And Gets Adopted

When Buster was first rescued, the 6-year-old cat was in terrible shape. Though the friendly black cat may have once had a home, Buster’s luck had clearly changed.

“My life has not been easy lately,” the rescued cat “wrote” on Facebook from his new home at Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Wisconsin.

“In February when I was picked up, I had a dislocated hip, broken and infected teeth, ears that were frostbitten, infected, and frozen shut, multiple scabs all over my body, abscesses between my toes, a bald spot/ scar on my head from a chemical burn, and a clubbed tail,” Buster “said.”

Photo: Facebook/Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

But now, Buster was feeling much better and “really ready” to find a home. “I know I look a little rough, and I know that will likely affect me getting adopted, but if you could please find it in your heart to look past my bald spot, frostbitten ears, and wonky tail, I promise to love you forever,” the rescued cat promised.

Shelter workers hoped somebody might take pity on Buster but didn’t imagine many people would be clamoring to adopt the hapless cat. But according to WBAY News, that’s exactly what happened. After posting about Buster on Facebook, rescuers were pleasantly surprised when their “big-boned sweetheart” went viral.

Hi! I am Buster, and I am a 6 year old big-boned sweetheart. My life has not been easy lately. I likely started as…

Posted by Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

“When I posted Buster, I watched the number of shares and the number of likes go up and up and up, and we realized he was going viral and it hasn’t stopped, it’s continued to this day,” the shelter’s vice president, Heather Barber, told the news station. “So, we have seen interest in Buster from literally all over the world – from Europe, France, Australia, New Zealand, every state in the continental U.S.”

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After speaking with many people eager to give Buster a home, Barber came to a startling realization. Folks really identified with this down-on-his-luck rescue cat, who just couldn’t seem to catch a lucky break.

“It seems like everybody relates to Buster on some level,” said Barber, who fielded thousands of inquiries about the battered stray.

“Everybody has felt lost or abandoned or like they don’t look quite right, or they have health conditions,” she said. “It’s like that resonated with people and everybody just fell in love with him.”

Photo: Facebook/Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Most importantly, Buster’s growing fame paved the way for this loving cat to get adopted. According to a follow-up post on Facebook, rescuers have closed adoptions while they sort through the hundreds of applications from people eager to give Buster his own home.

“We are so appreciative of everyone who commented, shared, and liked our post, and for the many people who have submitted an application,” OARS wrote on Facebook. “The amount of love everyone has shown for a cat who is down on his luck and in need of a loving home is a true testament to the good in this world.”

Congratulations, Buster! We’re so glad you finally found the home you deserve.

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