12 Rescue Dog Transformations That Will Truly Inspire You #AdoptDontShop

The statistics are staggering: Dogs are a part of approximately 40% of U.S. households. Yet, 28% of these dogs come from breeders. Oh my. That number is just too high! There are so many deserving dogs that remain in shelters, that will never know the powerful love of a family, that will never have a life outside of a cage. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? Yea, I feel the same way.

That is why videos like this one, from BuzzFeed, showing miraculous transformations, need to be made and shared. Shelter dogs deserve a wonderful life! Even the dogs that have had a rough time, ones with health issues, victims of abuse, can come such a long way. They can be wonderful companions to you and your family. They can make perfect pets. What is seen initially isn’t necessarily what a dog will look like once she is well cared for, loved, given proper medical attention and on a healthy diet. Plus, what you see on the outside is NO indication of that amazing dog on the inside.

Let these images inspire you to always adopt and NEVER shop!

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