Val’s Recovery & New Life

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Most of my cat’s story has been passed to me third hand, so I’m not sure on the specifics or accuracy of her tale. However, I did get to see enough to know something went very, very wrong over the first years of her life.

Val (Valentine) was a little girl’s cat and life was good for a few years. At some point, the happy home turned into a crack house where they thought it was funny to feed crack to the cat. A relative of the addicts eventually decided to take the cat out of this environment, though I am unclear how long she was addicted to crack for.

Photo: Jill

Sadly, Val’s saviors weren’t the greatest people, either. They didn’t pet, play with, or love her. They didn’t clean her litter box. They were physically and mentally abusive. Some people even believe they continued feeding her crack. Val became very depressed and pooped everywhere, hissed at people, and didn’t clean herself at all. Eventually, these people dumped Val (who is front declawed) outside in a snowbank.

Finally, something good started to happen to Val. Her second owner’s roommate saw her in the snow and brought her back in, shutting himself and her in his room, telling the others to stay away from his cat. He spent months rehabilitating Val and getting her to accept people into her life.

Photo: Pixabay

About a year later, Val and her owner moved in with me and my two old cats. Val hated me at first (she would push me out of bed!), but we got over that years ago. My cats helped Val continue her recovery by teaching her how to be a cat. When I broke up with Val’s owner, he chose not to take her, so I have happily become her caregiver. She is now 17 years old and the sweetest, most loving cat I know. I can’t imagine life without her!

Story submitted by Jill, from Madison, WI.

Val’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!”

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