Trinny’s Rescue Story

This is Trinny.

PHOTO: Jillian O’Brien

I found her at a local shelter on a weekend in September of 2003. She was half the weight she should have been, had an upper respiratory infection that resulted in an emergency ER visit later that night and she was very spooked by everything.

I was told I would only be allowed to adopt her if she was the only animal in the house and I didn’t have any children. I checked off both boxes and home we went.

I later came to find out that Trinny has a .22 caliber bullet lodged in her backside, so her first two years of life were probably pretty rough.

Her nickname at that point became “Trinny from the hood.” For the first six weeks I had her, she slept a lot and slept up on top of my kitchen cabinets, not convinced there weren’t other animals in the house.

Eventually, she calmed down and we became the best of friends. She has been with me through a couple of moves, two rather serious injuries/operations and a few relationships. I work from home, so we spend a great deal of time together. We have daily routines we follow and my favorite part of each day is when I wake up to her face.

Sadly, Trinny developed seizures a few months ago and despite a neurologist visit and being treated with medicine, she is getting worse.


I decided to do what was best for Trinny and have scheduled my vet to come to my house to allow her to pass peacefully and surrounded by love.

I take comfort in knowing that I gave Trinny the best possible life while she was with me. She couldn’t have been loved more. She will be missed more than I can express in words.

The truth of this story is that Trinny rescued me, I don’t know what I am going to do without her.

Story submitted by Jillian of West Dundee, IL.

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