Our Little Tom

I was in the checkout line at Petco and saw a guy standing off to the side holding something in his hand and talking to a group of people gathered around him.

He turned around as I got closer to checkout and he had this poor kitten in his hand.

PHOTO: Debbie Apperson

He found it on the road near his house and was trying to find someone to take it. The pound would have put it down. I was shocked at the kitten’s condition. It was a boy. One eye was caked shut with infection and his nostrils were closed with infection and he was skin and bones and very weak.

He tried to meow at me when I looked at him. No one would take him so I told him I would. He was near death.

I got out to the car and my husband, Bob, looked in the box he was in and said we needed to rush him to the vet.

We cancelled our plans to go see our draft horse Alex, and headed to the vet. His body temp was only 95. He was in shock. Got him cleaned up and blood tested.

No leukemia or FIV. He had an upper respiratory infection and was malnourished. He was only about 4 weeks old and weighed under a pound. We brought him home and started oral meds, eye meds, wormed him and started hand feeding with a syringe and got him set up in a carrier with a heating pad.


By day 2 and he was doing great. Still hand feeding. Every time he saw me he wanted to eat. I’m furious how neglected he was and no one cared.

We didn’t need him, we had already rescued many cats over the years we were caring for, but he needed us. He is now a beautiful affectionate healthy adult cat.

His name is Tom.

Story submitted by Debbie Apperson of Dickson, TN.

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