Cat Gains Forever Home By Repeatedly Tapping Potential Adopter on the Shoulder

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I wasn’t looking for another pet. I already had four rescue cats at home. I was shopping for cat food at a local PetSmart during an adoption event. Crates were lining each side of the main aisle. I stopped to read one cat’s description and felt a tap on my shoulder, but no one was there.


I kept reading and felt another tap. It was the kitten in the cage behind me. He kept reaching through his cage to touch me. He had picked me. I filled out the paperwork for adoption that day but had to wait for approval.

When I went to pick him up, the foster parents asked if I would accept another kitten; I said no. They had grown attached to him, too.

He is the perfect side-kick. When I’m in the house, he helps me. I get to carry him on my shoulder while I do things. He’s just happy hanging out with me. He often goes to sleep there. He helps decorate for holidays, too.


When I return home, he’s waiting at the door to greet me. We watch TV together in the evenings. He understands when it’s time to go to bed and is happy to let me share his bed. I often ask him, “Who was the lucky one?” But I know, I was lucky to have found him that day.

He’s approaching 17, and I have been spoiled by the attention and love he gives me every day. I smile every time I think of how he found me. He makes me smile every day.


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