Sully, Abandoned At Least Six Times Before 2 Years Old

We decided to adopt a 4th cat to round out our gang. I went to the local no-kill shelter to visit an available senior cat. Unfortunately, he was on medical watch and unavailable.

As I walked out through the cat area, a young, huge, orange and white cat threw himself on my feet with a ‘whump’. When I tried to sit down and pet him, he wrapped his front legs around my ankle and wouldn’t let me move.

PHOTO: Anonymous

Impossibly sweet Sully made his choice that day. Within 10 minutes, we were on our way home.

A few days later he integrated easily with our other 3 cats and was doing well. After several weeks we discovered why Sully was adopted and returned so many times in his short life.

One night we were in bed with all 4 cats when Sully stood up, turned around and peed all over me like a pressure washer! It was so surprising that we just laughed.

After we cleaned up, we scouted around the house with a black light and discovered that Sully had also christened the front door mat. He wasn’t spraying around the house like an unaltered male because he used the litter box.

After a veterinarian visit, we realized that healthy Sully had separation and abandonment anxieties. Marking his people and territory was his way of managing his fears. All previous adopters returned him to rescue after he urinated inappropriately and he never got help.

PEXELS: Anonymous

Because of this problem, Sully had been on the kill list at another local shelter. The no-kill shelter pulled him to become a barn cat. But, he loves human company and would’ve been miserable.

Now 8 months later, Sully is litter box perfect and no longer has his ‘troubles’. He’s happy and loved. We’re so glad that he chose us.

We imagined that while Sully waited in the last chance shelter, he wished as hard as he could for his real furever peeps to find him. His wish came true.

Story submitted by Anonymous of Billings, MT.

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