Dog Living Alone in an Attic Rescued, Now Has 11-Acre Home

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I have worked with a rescue for ten years. I got a call about a dog in the attic of an abandoned home in Detroit and was asked to come take a look. Long story short, the owner went to prison and there was someone coming by with a gallon of water and food once a week. The house was condemned and no one was allowed in.


I spent forever tossing bits of hot dog until FINALLY she came to the door. After another 30 minutes, I got her to the point where I could loop a lead on her.

We were told she lived up there for the prior ten months after being picked up out of a dumpster nearby. She had never been outside so the feeling of grass, the bright sunlight, everything was so new and scary. Well, this husky mix was a rock STAR. Star was so brave and trusting, though she had every reason not to be that day. From the moment she got back to my house, she was home.


She was terrified of lights turning on and off, she didn’t know how doors worked, etc. It was a ton of work, patience, and trust. It took over a year of new experiences, consistent training and unconditional love to finally have her comfortable day in and day out.

She now lives on 11 acres, is great off leash, is a big sister to a little human and little sister to a senior dog. Three years later, she still has her moments where that attic life flashes back to her, but she trusts us completely and knows we love her and will keep her safe.

She is so sweet and loving and loves to play and zoomie all over her property, a free, happy and oh so beloved dog.


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