Abandoned After 14 Years

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He already had a name. In fact, he had a home for 14 years, with the same family since he was a kitten. When his owners moved into a new apartment, they decided to make Sonny an outdoor cat, even though he had always spent most of his time indoors. He lived on the steps and porch of the apartment building, and his owners threw out scraps of food if they remembered.


I noticed him out there as I walked by with my dog and learned his story, so I started bringing a can of food every morning and night. He was missing part of one ear from an unfortunate encounter with a dog some years ago. He had to fight with feral cats and run from loose dogs in the neighborhood, so he was always nervous when we approached him.

In May, I found out that the owners had moved away and left him. He was still sitting there, hoping they would come back, but they never did. Even though I had been feeding him for a couple of months, I never dreamed of taking him. I’d never even owned a cat and didn’t even know how to care for one. I also wasn’t sure about my ten-year-old rescue dog accepting him. Still, I went to the pet store and bought every cat supply that I thought I would need, and I scooped him into the cat carrier and brought him home.


It has been over four months, and he is a happy and healthy old man. He spends his days hunting and napping in the back yard, and his evenings are spent lounging in the den, sharing snacks with us and enjoying his new life. The dog has accepted him, as long as he stays away from her treats! I’m so glad that he came to live with us, and I will never understand how someone could abandon him. He is a welcome addition to our family!

Story submitted by Michelle Hyde from Florence, Alabama. Sonny’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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