Thrown Out a Car Window in January

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I knew my 14-year-old kitty, Tabitha, was ill. Being the last of her family, she was alone while I was at work. So I visited my vets’ adoption clinic “just to look” for a mature, laid back cat to keep her company. The vet techs said they were so glad I’d come in, I just had to see their newest stray. When I learned he was about 6-months-old, I almost didn’t bother to look in on him, as I didn’t want to subject Tabby to a rambunctious youngster, but once I heard how he got there, it tugged at my heart.

Other clinic clients had been sitting waiting for a traffic light to change when the folks in the car ahead of them threw this little guy out their car window, into the traffic and snow, and sped off. These folks grabbed him up and brought him to the clinic. He’d already been tested as negative for diseases and vaccinated, was not neutered, and was chowing down on some dry food in a large crate when I saw first saw him. One bat of his baby blue eyes and I was a goner. Told them to neuter him and I’d take him home.


I shouldn’t have worried about Tabby – she held her own with Snickers (He is chocolate, caramel and nougat colored and has “peanuts” of brown at the base of his spine where his tail begins – what else could I call him but Snickers?), and though I lost her three months later, I think it helped her to know there was another kitty in the house with her when I wasn’t home.

As you can see, a year later, he’s gorgeous and is a large and occasionally obnoxious little brother to my other rescue, Pewter. Please adopt, don’t buy!

Story submitted by Billie Rohl from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Little Toki Finds a Forever Home

I was driving on a four-lane road on June 23, 2020 when I saw a kitten in the middle of my lane. I slammed on my brakes, threw the car in park, and put the kitten in my car. About an eighth of a mile down the road, I saw another kitten in the left lane.

Once again, I slammed on my brakes and got this kitten. Took both kittens to the vet immediately. The little girl was fine but the little boy I named Toki has a badly broken femur. Vet recommended I put him down. He looked up at me with his big round eyes and put his tiny paw on my hand and I knew he was a fighter!


Took him to my own vet who recommended pain meds and strict crate confinement. After five weeks his leg was healed. Not perfectly, but well enough to where it doesn’t slow him down one bit. We adopted him and he’s now a spoiled 13-week-old kitty. He’s my MIRACLE kitten!

Story submitted by Kimberly Heath from Knoxville, Tennessee.

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She Chose Us

Over 18 years ago, a young adult calico kitty began to hang out in our yard and around us as were fixing up our new home’s property. She would watch us work and occasionally come over for attention. My husband would relax after hard work by laying on the grass while this kitty would climb up and lay on his chest.

A neighbor said she was another neighbor’s cat and she was in great condition, but that began to change. We noticed she was sleeping in our shrubs and would pop out when we drove in the driveway looking for a meal. Ticks began to show up on her. We started feeding her, treating her for ticks and having her stay in our breezeway between house and garage since we had other cats. All kitties became familiar with each other through the glass doors.

Then came the day she brought us a dead bird. That did it. We marched over to the house where she supposedly was from, knocked on the door and asked if she was their cat. Their response: “Oh, that cat moved out over a year ago” My husband said, “MOVED OUT?!? Did she pack a bag too?” We didn’t ask, we informed them that this kitty was now ours; they didn’t care.


Next day, Moochee (named for being a mooch for food) went to the vet, got a clean bill of health and moved inside. Just in time: it was October in New England. After some adjustment time, she was integrated, became buddies with my boy kitty, and never asked to go outside again.

20-years-old now, aging but healthy, she is an only-cat. We’re preparing for retirement and an eventual move out of this house, but will put this off as long as Moochee is with us. This is ALL the love she’s ever known. To up-root her would be cruel, so we will wait and love her ever day she has left with us. She chose us. It’s our job to be sure she chose wisely.

Story submitted by Roberta Reynolds from Shelton, Connecticut.

Snickers’, Toki’s, and Moochee’s stories were originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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