Cat Rescued from Harm on a Windy Halloween Night

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On a windy Halloween night 13 years ago, I heard a loud and constant meowing coming from the direction of my kitchen window. I heard it for about an hour before I finally investigated.


You see, I already had a female calico cat that my husband and I had rescued a few years prior, so I was hesitant to add another one. I finally gave my husband the look, and he said, “Okay, I guess we’re getting another cat, aren’t we?” I really couldn’t resist this meowing plea for help any longer; it was killing me inside waiting the hour I waited.

I took a flashlight and went looking for the loud kitty, not sure what I would find exactly. I spotted a little tiny gray puffball under a bush hiding from another much larger kitty that was trying to hurt him. I scooped him up in my hand and he hissed at me, but I put him close to my heart and started to pet him and speak softly to him to calm him down. It was then that I realized how tiny he was, he fit in the palm of my hand and his eyes were barely opened.

I went to the pet store that night and got some kitten formula, then I took him to the vet the next day. We found out he was only 4 weeks old and still had his milk teeth. I nursed him on formula and wetted kitten kibble and he started looking really healthy and strong.


Thirteen years later, he is a healthy boy who loves to play and go for walks outside with his mom. He is a funny cat because he responds to my verbal commands like a dog does. We spend all our free time together hanging out. Sometimes I think my husband gets a little jealous of our bond. Cats are the best, and mine really loves to be with me.

Story submitted by Tessa Turner from Temecula, California.

Smokey’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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