Lethargic Shelter Cat Who Was Avoiding Food Gets Second Chance with New Family

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Our first adopted cat had a fatal accident. Our second ended up having a chip that was missed by animal control so we had to return him to his original owners. We thought we were done at that point. No more cats. Well, I’m a sucker for the local animal shelter and went for a visit not too long after we had to give up our second cat.


There was the most pathetic-looking Maine Coon laying by himself on a bed under the cages. I felt that he was just skin and bones. He barely reacted to my pets and just lay there as if he had given up on life. I felt for him, I was at that point in my life not too long ago.

I asked the attendant about his history. He was brought in as a stray, so they knew nothing of his past. However, they said as long as he’d been in the shelter, he had hardly eaten and didn’t move around much. He was mine! I had to give him a chance to want to keep living. He came with the name Smokey because he’s all grey, so we stuck with that name.

We took Smokey to the vet and he received a good health check, other than his serious need to gain weight. His weight at the vet was eight pounds. Maine Coons should be 13-15 pounds, at least. We brought him into our home and it took him a few days, but eventually he started eating slowly. Now he eats like a little pig. He wakes us up in the morning for his breakfast.


He is still a little antisocial and skittish. We are working with him as best we can and thinking of buying some anxiety-soothing oils for cats to help him become more social. He found his forever home as far as we are concerned. Hopefully he feels the same way.

Story submitted by Kendra from Ashland, Wisconsin.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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