Shelter Cat Hides Away in a Pillowcase All Day, Prompting Volunteer to Fall in Love with Her

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While volunteering at a local shelter, I noticed a pillowcase containing a small lump. Peering inside, I saw a small tan tabby staring back with huge dilated eyes. I tried coaxing her out with treats, to no avail.


After another weekend of never seeing her emerge from the pillowcase, I decided to take pillowcase and all to an outside enclosure. Bad idea. The case trembled like an earthquake.


Back inside, I put a treat in front of the pillowcase, and a small paw emerged, gently pulling the treat inside. After doing this almost all afternoon, I was in love with whatever was hiding and decided this was no place for her.


Although I had just adopted a small black 5-year-old, Breezy, from the shelter and had an 11-year-old at home, I knew she needed me, or maybe I needed her. I took her home that day. She was sequestered for about two weeks, but my Breezy wanted to see her so badly, I let her free.

She was petrified of everything, including me, but Breezy and Skitters (because if you approached her, she skittered away) got along great. Slowly, I won her over and all was good, until one day, while eating, she screamed and spit out her food. Since I worked at an animal hospital, I didn’t panic yet. The next time she tried to eat, the same thing.


The next day, she came with me to work, and the dentist looked into her mouth. She had such severe gingivitis, the gums had grown over her molars, preventing her from chewing, and the infection had progressed down her throat and up to her canines. Her teeth had to be removed. I wanted to save the front teeth for her protection if any of my others decided to fight with her. Not a good idea I was told.

Full mouth extraction with three laser surgeries to prevent the infection from returning, and my Skitters is a happy kitty. But yes, I have to pureé most of her food. And yes, I would do it all again.

Story submitted by Sandy from Wayside, New Jersey.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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