Faithful Dog Helps Man Survive After the Death of His Wife

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Silo was part of our family for over 13 years. My wife worked for a moving company and called me at home to tell me that three dogs had wandered into the work yard (two adults and one pup), and she was afraid they were going to get hit by an 18-wheeler.


By the time I arrived at her work, the adult dogs scampered away but the pup was in her office playing and having a ball with some type of office item. I specifically remember him stopping, eyeballing me for about five seconds, and then running into my open arms. We immediately went to the pet store where he screamed at the top of his lungs as I tried to walk him on a leash throughout the store. He was so loud that two employees challenged me to make sure I was not hurting him in some way.

He came home with me and joined the rest of our family. My wife passed away in February of 2011. We were unable to have children, so our dogs were God sent to fill that void in our lives. Driving home that fateful night she passed, I had never felt more alone. All of my family lived out of state and her family and I were never that close. When I pulled in the drive and walked into the house, I was greeted in typical fashion with four wagging tails and a lick bath.

I think Silo immediately sensed that something was wrong and followed me to the bedroom, placed his head on my chest and spent the night in that same position as if to comfort me somehow. Often when the tears would come, I would give him or one of the others a big long hug and it would relieve some of the pain I was feeling. I lost him a few years back to illness, but I will never forget how much Silo and my other three (kids) helped me through one of the most difficult times I have ever endured. I miss you buddy!


Story submitted by an anonymous user in San Antonio, Texas.

Silo’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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