Shadow The Hybrid

One day I greeted a neighbor as every morning when he calls me over saying he had a new kitten and it was very special.

PHOTO: Anttonia

I came near and I saw the cutest pair of wide wild eyes, grey pale fur with black marks. My neighbor told me a truck driver friend with his son had found it on the side of the road and he adopted it. So it became a custom I will greet my neighbor and pet his cat.

Then one afternoon I was on my back yard pulling dry laundry out of the cloth line, when there was an explosion in my neighbor’s home.

I run over and the police told me it was a gas explosion and my neighbor had died. I asked the officer for the cat, but they haven’t seen any. I was heartbroken.

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I kept walking around the block every day to find it but it was no use. A few days later, I see one of my cats, Michifus standing on the edge of my garden meowing to the empty lot behind my home and pushing his food bowl towards the grass and weeds. Something told me he had a reason to do that. So from that day on, i will get food and water to the edge of my garden.

Then one day i woke up on Sunday morning,I see the kitten standing on my opened bedroom window. He came down into my arms and in that moment I knew he had adopted me.


Months went by and we grew closer and closer, when one afternoon I received a visit from the truck driver who had rescued the kitten from the side of the country road.

He mention he stopped to check the air on his tires when he heard a growl, its was a kitten delivering a baby to big for her body, when the cat mom died he cut its belly and pulled my kitten out for it to live.

That was My kitten, a wildcat/farm cat hybrid that earned my heart and everybody’s with the first meouuww.

Story submitted by Anttonia.

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