Black Cat Who Ended Up at Shelter Multiple Times Finally Gets a Lucky Break

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After my SpitFire passed away on October 17th, 2014, just two weeks short of her 18th birthday (on Halloween), I was bound and determined to rescue another black kitty. So I went on the net looking for one.


When I found Shadow (she was named Dora at the shelter), I called Tri-County Shelter in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and they told me she was still there. The next day, we drove an hour and a half to go rescue her. She was very scared and wouldn’t come out of her cage to meet us; didn’t matter, I was taking her home anyway.

One of the ladies that worked there told me the story of how Dora had been brought there not once, but twice. Her first people had her her whole life (four years). They brought her in in a box sealed with only two small holes; not much to breath through. They had decided they were moving to California and didn’t want to take her with them, so they dumped her off.

Her next people had her three days and returned her because they wanted a mean cat to go after the dog they had, and when that didn’t happen they brought her back.

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I am a three-time black kitty rescue mom so far, and not all at the same time. I had volunteered at my local shelter at a younger age, and have seen what black kitties go thru – being ignored, tortured, and used for cult purposes – so I vowed to always rescue the black ones first.

So anyway, we brought her home and the first three days she was at our house she stayed under our clawed bath tub, so afraid to come out. She could still smell my last kitty (who is now in a box with my other babies; all have been cremated so far). I changed her name back to Shadow because Dora just didn’t fit her.


Well, she finally came out and has been my lucky #13! She is so happy and healthy, and of course indoor-only. She loves the golden retriever we got after her, so Shadow and Lucie love and play all day and cuddle at night!

Story submitted by Nancy BrightEyes Keisling Miller from Isanti, Minnesota.

Shadow’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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